September last year, a paper describing the development process of the iFOCUS program was published in the scientific journal Internet Interventions. The paper presents the development of iFOCUS, a self-management psychoeducational eHealth program to support and empower people with advanced cancer and their family caregivers, useing the scrum methodology

While the paper in general has several interesting aspects, we have chosen to highlight three quotes, which we think highlights relevant aspects of the paper. We do however suggest that you read the full paper here

 “Two earlier studies that modified one module of the original FOCUS program to a web-based format were analyzed to gain insight into the procedures and tailoring. Based on these findings, the core development group created a visual representation of the proposed web program…”

“Twenty dyads and two bereaved family caregivers reviewed the sessions. Patients and family caregivers use the program simultaneously and together behind the same medium (computer or tablet). (…) After participation to the user testing, participants stated that the program structure and content was agreeable and no major issues with program acceptability were mentioned. The program was found to be useful and clear, but some participants felt that some information may not be relevant to them.”

Developing a tailored, self-managed eHealth program for dyads is a complex process and involves making pragmatic choices, particularly regarding the level of tailoring. By its nature, an eHealth program requires constant revision and updates. Communication between program developers and end-users is recommended during and after the development of the program, to improve program quality.

Read the full paper here

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